JX – a new reality of cartridge valve

The scarce quality of  the cartridge valve  present on the Chinese market,  the inability to manage both suppliers’ orders and deliveries and the heaviness of after-sale activities led our customer to create in only one yer a new company manufacturing  cartridge valve and related products. Our5 task consisted in disposing and following the realization of:
  • Bar stock,
  • tourning machine,
  • grinding machine,
  • washing machine,
  • super finishing,
  • honing,
  • assembly,
  • testing.
This project implied a relevant effort in terms of training and project management, as well as a remarkable financial investment. It is today paying off in terms of:
  • improvement of the final product’s quality,
  • lead time,
  • on-time delivery guarante,
  • financial return,
  • company’s reputation,
  • improvement of professional skill,
  • stock reduction,
  • reduction of after-sales activities.