Honing Technologies

  • Advantages for operator

    Advantages for operator

    4 large side doors, coupled with technological electromagnetic retention locks directly managed by the PLC, make accessibility in almost total machine. The planning in this regard has been geared towards:
    • comfort, for quick setup of equipment and tools
    • the capacious tub in three stages for the liquid lubrication, complete with off-line cooler, is an integral part of the effective treatment of the same system and is designed to fast extraction, without having to make any disconnection of cables, pipes and so;
    • precise management of liquid levels, headed by digitally connected sensors to the control panel.

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  • Advantages for industrial office

    Advantages for industrial office

    The rotary table, fully designed for this rodatrice, conjugated with the convenient and precise management of the brushless motor that allows to vary the speed of rotation to vary weight of the product being machined, allows to reduce to the maximum cycle time. This table also allows to quickly investigate any equipment for clamping of the workpiece, helping the company to meet certain requirements such as prototypes or small batches of parts.

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  • Advantages for maintainer

    Advantages for maintainer

    The comfortable and ergonomic workstation has been designed in accordance with important features:
    • no piece lifting;
    • set-up quick, intuitive and precise;
    • reliable and simple alignment of the hole to break in, controlled by sensors;
    • locking the precise piece and without deformation;
    • reference laser beam, adapted to the positioning of the hole to break in to make fast and accurate positioning of the workpiece;
    • touch screen for programming and operating the machine;
    • clear button panel for phase control and any reset;
    • high-density photoelectric bands for safe operation and automatic reset;
    • high-visibility lamp to 3 different colors, indicating the status of the machine.

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  • Cost optimization and durability

    Cost optimization and durability

    The fine filter module, an integral part of the reliable treatment of the tool lubrication liquid system, is designed and built to have:
    • a long autonomy even under severe working conditions;
    • the possibility of replacing the filtration rate with particle size more or less stringent;
    • the sophisticated flux, that it monitors the circulation of the liquid towards the tools and sends an alarm in case of low flow;
    • two alarm thresholds for filter clogging: early warning and stop the machine;
    • 15 minutes to the replacement of filter cartridges 7 in beta 5000;
    • a minimal variation in color and transparency of the liquid even after months of work.

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  • Quality and productivity

    Quality and productivity

    The tool alignment sleeves, designed for a correct insertion guide and infallible pressure lubrication, are easily removed and replaced; they have the important task of aligning the tools to the hole in order to make maximum use of the rapid movement of the axis Z, so as to obtain greater productivity and a constant quality of the hole shape. The guide bushings, also, are designed to direct the flow of liquid lubrication-cooler directly on the tool mantle, thus taking also an activity of forced washing at every use of the same. The floating joints, simple and reliable, are the heart of a consolidated system in more than 30 years of experience in the field and contribute to the maintenance of a certain hole quality. The lubrication-cooler circuit integrated in the load-bearing structure, which connects to the guide bushes, makes sure the presence of the liquid on each tool, also with diversified flows, according to the user’s needs. The convenient manual handwheel for rapid repositioning of the alignment structure, combined with a graduated scale fixed for calling cards to simple tooling, allows a fast set-up, which, thanks to the precise and intuitive system can also be operated by the machine operator.

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